Elephant Foot

For demolishing reinforced concrete areas, crushing large boulders in quarries. Can also be used for ground compaction. Custom-made. Working end diameter max. 250 mm.

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Asphalt Cutter

General use with extra long and thin blade and additional cutting action. For cutting black top or soft material. The cutting edge is parallel to

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Wide Chisel

General use with extra large width and additional cutting action. For breaking up black top, shaking out foundry ladles and demolishing concrete and reinforced concrete.

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Flat Chisel

General use with additional cutting action. Ideal for drawing pits in rocky subsoil and separating rock slabs. The cutting edge is transverse (cross) to shovel

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Blunt Tool

The versatile blunt tool. Ideal for crushing and breaking boulders and slag in quarries. Also suitable for ground compaction.

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Moil Point

General use for demolition work and in quarries. Ideally suited for breaking up slag in steel mills (industrial application) and demolishing foundations. Roadway drivage and

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